Eat well to heal well

Your food and fluid requirements will increase if you have a pressure ulcer or open wound. To encourage your skin to heal and to prevent further ulcer development, make every mouthful count and try to have a variety of nourishing foods and fluids.

Nutrient-rich foods.

Vitamin C, zinc and protein are essential nutrients required to promote wound healing.

Vitamin C

Fresh fruit rich in Vit C, antioxidants ( oranges, strawberries, blueberries, apples, etc vegetable (broccoli, red and green peppers, potatoes etc)

antioxidant 3457641 960 720 Try to include some of the nutrient rich food examples below in your diet.


• meat • shellfish • fish • milk • cheese • baked beans • bread


meat iron • meat , eggs • • fish • nuts and seeds • pulses and lentils •

Choose full-fat products rather than ‘diet’, ‘low fat’ or ‘healthy eating’ varieties, as these provide more calories.

Have high-calorie snacks in between meals such as a yoghurt, peanuts or cheese and crackers (see ‘100 calorie boosters’ resource for more examples).

aqua 3445987 960 720Aim to drink at least 1.6-2 litres of fluid per day to keep hydrated and improve healing (see ‘keeping hydrated’ resource for more information).

Drink nourishing fluids* such as herbal teas, smoothies, Taking multivitamin or mineral are helpful if you find it difficult to have a varied diet.

If you have diabetes, continue to choose sugar free drinks although you can have a moderate amount of sugar-containing foods as part of a fortified diet.

If you have any further questions or concerns about your poor healing of surgical wound or any other types of wound , please call or send an email to: .Madelena Tapliga ( nutrition and weight management, lymphatic massage therapist) ; 07947887043 ;

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