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Welcome to Holistic Health and Nutrition  services ! 

If you’re searching for solutions to your health concerns, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find a variety of services that can help you achieve improved physical and mental well-being. All of  Holistic Health and Nutrition treatments are designed to promote balance in your body and mind while also addressing any underlying issues that may be affecting your overall wellbeing. With my help, I’m confident that you can improve your quality of life and feel healthier than ever before. Your journey toward answers and transformative healing begins now.  

Why settle for conventional healthcare plans when you can access personalized care that caters specifically to your needs and preferences?

Madelena Tapliga, Clinical Nutritionist, CEO Holistic Health and Nutrition
About Our Holistic Health and Nutrition

Don't wait for change—embrace it! Remember, your health is in your hands

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Holistic Health Nutrition is a friendly and personalized healthcare service. Our aim is to provide a variety of healthcare services directly in people’s homes in London and through our virtual clinic. 

We can visit you in your home, office, hotel room, clinic, or in any other appropriate place where you might need our assistance. 

Our clients choose Holistic Health and Nutrition as their clinical health therapy because of the combination of personalized therapeutic care, evidence-based guidance, and a holistic approach that we provide, all of which empower them to make meaningful and sustainable changes to their health and nutrition journey.

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Whether you're seeking profound nutrition insights, wellness treatments, or a path to complete harmony, rest assured, you're exactly where you need to be.
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Personalised Approach

Clients appreciate our commitment to creating personalized nutrition plans that are tailored to their specific needs, goals, and health conditions. We take the time to thoroughly assess their medical history, dietary preferences, lifestyle, and any underlying health issues. By developing a customized plan, we ensure that clients receive recommendations that are realistic, sustainable, and effective for their unique circumstances. This individualized approach increases their confidence in achieving their desired outcomes.

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Holistic Wellness Focus

Beyond just focusing on food, Holistic Health and Nutrition emphasize a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses various aspects of their lives. We recognize that factors like stress, sleep, physical activity, and mental well-being play a crucial role in overall health. By addressing these interconnected elements alongside dietary recommendations, we help clients make comprehensive lifestyle changes that contribute to lasting improvements. This comprehensive approach sets us apart as a practitioners who cares about their long-term well-being, not just short-term results..

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Evidence-Based Practice

Clients trust Holistic Health and Nutrition because our recommendations are based on the latest scientific research and evidence-based practices. Our Consultants stay updated with the most current developments in the field of nutrition and health, ensuring that advice is reliable and supported by reputable sources. Whether it's weight management, managing chronic conditions, or optimizing athletic performance, clients can rely on us to provide them with accurate information and strategies that have a solid foundation in scientific literature


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The advantages of Online Consultations are increasingly indisputable. Mainly, online services allow you to remain in the comfort and privacy of your home and receive prompt and timely support from wherever you arw

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Reduces Cost

Online visits are less expensive because the clinician can provide the consultation from home and won’t have to travel).

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Prompt Communication

Facilitates communication and interactions with the healthcare professional

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Removes geographic and time barriers

Allows you to receive even if you live in a remote area, or have access to limited health facilities

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Reduces waiting time

Environmentally friendly as it reduces pollution (both you and your healthcare professional do not need to travel for the visit) and use of paper.

15 min Free Call

Our 15-minute consultation is completely free, so you can take the first step towards a healthier, happier you without any fees.

Holistic Health and Nutrition services


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