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Manual lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system has a number of important functions and plays a vital role in the body by regulating the immune system.

Lymph nodes have various specific functions: they are filtration and purification stations for the lymph circulation

They capture and destroy toxins of the body. During inflammation the lymph nodes become enlarged and painful

They produce lymphocytes and monocytes. The production of lymphocytes is increased when the flow of lymph is increased through the nodes.

They take up and store permanently susbstances such as coal and other dust particles and tar.

Metastases (cancer cells) and inflammation can bloke a node.

  • It removes fluid from tissues and returns it to the blood circulatory systems distributes immune cells through the body to maintain health and defend against diseases
  • Rids tissues of excess proteins and toxins and carries digested fat from the intestines to the blood vessels. It helps to repair damage in injured tissues.
  • The lymphatic system can also regenerate and even develop new lymph nodes in areas of chronic infection
  • Immunity. The lymphatic system is the first line of defence against disease on a cellular level, also helps to transport immune cells throughout the body
  • Maintain blood pressure, blood volume and fluid balance
  • Preventing protein buildup in tissues. Left in tissues, proteins can trigger an inflammatory response and the side effects of pain, swelling and scar tissue formation
  • The lymphatic system also absorb foreign microorganism and particles from tissues and passes all these substances through the lymph nodes, where they are destroyed before the lymph returns to the blood stream
  • Distributing dietary fat. The lymphatic system transport fats from the small intestines to the blood stream through the lymphatics and the thoracic duct
  • Healing injuries. The lymphatic system helps to repair the damage from injured tissues.
    One of the amazing abilities of the lymphatic system, only recently recognised which are studied in depth is its power of regeneration. It appears the new lymph nodes can grow along deep lymph vessels in the extremities when normal lymph nodes are scared and damaged by chronic infection.

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