Cellular detoxification

All toxins are what we call “cellular poisons”. One of the most sensitive parts of the cell is the mitochondria, more popularly known as the powerhouse of the cell. When this cellular component is damaged, it affects everything from energy production to cellular repair processes. Therefore, in order to function optimally or age gracefully, one has to do regular cellular detoxification using safe and evidence-based therapeutic modalities. 

  • Participation in daily movement & fitness activities: mindfulness, yoga, meditation, power walks, flower arrangement, wellness talks, and more!
  • 60 minutes consultation and skin assesement: consultant Clinical Nutritionist Madele
  • 1x Programme Orientation & Health Goals Interview 
  • 1x Biological Integrative Medicine Consultation
  • 1x Psycho Emotional Consultation 
  • 1x Nutrition Consultation
  • 1x OG Scan – Heavy Metal Analysis
  • 1x BMI Analysis 
  • 1x Vital Signs Check
  • 1x Skin Health Analyzer
  • Daily Supplementation – 4 types per day 
  • Sleep Therapy