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London 2019, Guys and St Thomas

My name is Steve S. and I have had surgery to remove BCC skin cancer from my scull and neck /upper chest area. Each time Madelena has been very professional and gentle. She has a very calming nature and made me feel at ease as well. She also gave me useful advice on what to apply to wounds and vitamins to take . Regards Steve S. 

Testimonial from Madalina T. Case                                                   Dieburg, the 18th of June 2019


When stress and disease leave their extremely negative mark on one`s  body and psychical profile, this visibly happening in only one year`s time, one desperately searches for a valuable fitotherapist on the internet ,on various sites; this was ,indeed, my, case.

Due to the fact that the massive and mostly owerwhelming amount of information and products in this field, I was put in an extreme situation: I did not know what to choose, WHAT WAS GOOD in my case, how to proceed, so as to get well again.

I only knew that I wanted something good for my health. As simple as that.I needed a natural and safe medication and therapy., regarding my nutrition and generally ,my health.

I had the chance to find a special fytotherapist on the internet, in the person of Mrs. Madelena Tapliga, whose site and its well conceived and structured information and content fully reponded to my wishes and requests..I thorougly studied Madalena`s site and especially her products which corresponded to my personalized heath constelation.

Madelena`s prompt reaction to my questions in my case proved to be the right choice.We constantly got in touch, she dedicated her time and patience so as to get the needed information for my case.

She dedicated her time, competence and qualified knowledge so as to help me efficiently; not only has she conceived a personalized plan for me, but she offered various food receipes so as to strenghten my immune system. And this was my first issue to solve regarding my heath.

Last year in November , I got a severe cold, which gave opportunity to a detailed check, a C.T.;the result was desastruous for me. It was that a tumor which caused severe problems to my health and it seemed to be a rather “old” tumor. I had cancer.I was put into hospital and I underwent a complicated surgical operation on both sides of my throat.The extracted tumors had about 5 cm each.

A series of exhausting radiation sessions were also prescribed and led, in a period of about 6 weeks, intensively.

I was at the end of my strenght, power , hope.

Madelena supervised me , prescribed and prepared ointments and medicines, because my skin degenerated extremely during the radiation/rays process.

She constantly asked for a rigorous feed-back , also visual feedback, so as to supervise and control the evolution and advancement of my , meanwhile, improving heath, especially  the affected areas.

Madelena  also gave me advice and support in dealing with my stress, recommending and preparing  the proper personalized products for me: soaps, , salts, ointments; products that I used on the various regions of skin and body. She gave me , in my opinion ,a holistic treatment, from which I had significanr benefits, actually, more than I hoped for.

After several sessions with her and the constant exchange between us, I observed the improved state of the affected regions, and not only. If I were to evaluate in figures from 1 to 10, she brouht me from a stage of 1 to a stage of 9 to 10; and still going onwards to an optimum of result concerning my health.

Words are empty, words can only illustrate our collaboration; what actually Mrs. Madelena Tapliga did and still does so as to give me her support and assistance in my case is priceless.

I owe her my appreciation and high consideration for her competence, dedication and consciousness, her professional skills , attitude, patience and compassion which are genuine and , to my mind, the ones who have the chance to be in her hands cand count on a radical and hoped for healing.

I recommend Mrs. Tapliga  to other persons who are confronted with extreme health issues, knowing that she fully implies herself , achieving unhoped goals, giving hope and the premises for regaining the health which we all strive for.

Madalina  T.                                                                                                                Dieburg,18.06.2019

Andreea R. 

London 2019

So let me tell you a bit about myself…. I’m far from being the “perfect body “type of person…. But that’s OK… you know why?? Because I’m on my way to achieve the body that I always wanted to have. And I’m confident about it, because after 3 years of trying different teas, shakes, pills, even going to the gym like crazy with no results, I finally decided on March 2019 to contact this amazing person that have changed me, made me more confident and strong.

So the funny thing is that I had maddie on my friend list on facebook for a while, but I was so skeptical about this “nutritionist “ business because I could see on my news feeds everyday more and more ladies making adverts regarding slimming products, and I was just so sick of them, until one day when maddie posted something….  A picture with different body types, describing each one of them and the factors that influence how the fat is being stored and why we don’t lose the fat, no matter how hard we try While I was reading her post, I felt like she wrote about me.. I found myself in her post… and in that moment I decided to text her..

She replied to me  and that evening we had a long phone call, and you can not imagine the passion she was talking about what she is doing, and how much she knows about nutrition and wellbeing. I think this was on the 1st of March and we  decided to have my first consultation on the 17th of March. She told meanwhile to keep a journal where I write what I eat and drink everyday and the times, to weight myself and every morning to take my body temperature. She told me that after the consultation I will have to do a detox treatment for few days, so she recommended me to drink some natural teas everyday (sting nettle, Mary gold and dandelion tea).

After our phone conversation I ordered the loose leaf teas, I started my journal, and my first day when I weighted myself I was 92 kg and I’m 1.74. When I went to see her on the 17th of March I was so surprised to see that I was down to 89 kg in 2 weeks, just by adding the tea to my daily routine.

During the consultation she asked me about my medical history, any intolerances or allergies, she told me that with patience and will power, I will reach my goal.

She crafted a 3 days detox plan for me, with easy to make recipes (and soooooo yummy). Everyday she was checking up on me to see how I’m doing and to support me, after the 3 days detox she sent me one week plan to what I have to eat, drink and food recipes,and so on until I reached my 4th week of my new lifestyle,and I went for my follow up appointment. You can not imagine the feeling when I saw that I was down to 82 kilos and lost so many centimeters from my waist, tights and arms.

Oh, not to forget…. She is not only an amazing nutritionist, but also she is amazing in reflexology, tapping and lymphatic drainage massage. After every session, I feel more relaxed, more happy, confident and ready for my next challenge, as after  every 4 weeks, she makes me a different plan, so my body will not get used to only a certain regime.

Now, after 3 months since I met this amazing person, I can proudly say that from size 16 I’m down to a size 12 and I weight 78 kg . And all this without to starve myself, without to spend loads of money on tablets, teas or silly diets. Just a healthy, easy and happy lifestyle.

Thank you for helping me the person I am today beautiful soul!!!

                                                                                                    Andreea C. R, London, 2019

I can’t thank enough Madelena for the change she brought into my health and body appearance. I’ve lost weight following Madelena’s programme and my energy level have improved considerably. She created a personalised diet for my health issues which helped me to lose 10 kg and also helped me avoid diabetes, for which l am forever grateful. Working as a photographer means to be always on the go, hence eating disorganised and most of the times quickly and this habits determined the extra kilos l was carrying in my body. Madelena taught me the “mindfulness eating” of which l was never aware. I highly recommend Madelena and l can guarantee she will make the difference in your life. Thank you for being so supportive, for your wisdom, for your encouragement and guidance, but most of all for your extended knowledge as a clinical nutritionist. With warmest regards, Daniel, London, 2019


Firstly I’d like to say Thank-you.

I had been suffering with really dry and cracked skin on the palms of my hands. I was referred to the Dermatology Clinic from my GP, I was given steroids and moisturising creams. I used these for a while but nothing happen the symptoms stayed the same and even became worse.

I spoke to Maddie and she explained the nutritional needs of our bodies, and gave me suggestions of vitamins and nutrition’s that I should start to take.

After showing her my hands she gave me an ointment to moistures with and a liquid solution to rub into my hands. I used these two together and within a few weeks of applying the medicine twice a day my hands are now back to normal.

I would highly recommend you Maddie, you are very knowledgeable and your products are fantastic.

Thank You

With Kind Regards,

Kay Beckles


Hi Maddie, I’m Mish’s mum 🙂
Just want to say that I love the products she has bought for me.
The face cream Goddess, and the body cream, Muse, are amazing. i love the feel and the fragrance and a little goes such a long way. My skin loves them too. the Relax roll-on works wonders at night. 🙂
Recomand Maddie Tapliga pentru ca pe mine m-a ajutat foarte mult. M-a invatat ce si cum sa mananc ca sa scad in greutate, cum si de care vitamine si antioxidanti sa iau. Am invatat de la ea numai lucruri bune si sunt foarte fericita ca stiu ca am la cine sa apelez cand am o problema care nu tine numai de greutate ci si de frumusetea interioara si exterioara. Un om deosebit, o răbdare de neînchipuit, tot timpul prezenta la orice întrebare as fi avut! Recomand cu toată încrederea pentru ca rezultatele clar o sa apara, Maddie vine cu planul dar tine doar de tine dacă te ți de el! Recomand 100%.
Salutare  tuturor, 
Astazi  voi  povesti  un  pic despre mine si fiul  meu special. Sunt  femeie  sotie si mama unui  baietel  special pe nume  Leonardo, care  este  un  adevarat  luptator. De 4 ani de zile  ma confrunt zi de zi cu o situatie  dificila  in viata  noastra  numita  autism. Cand am descoperit  pentru prima  data aceste  elemente  de autism,  Leonardo avea in jur de 2 ani si toata  lumea  lui  dar si a mea, brusc s-a intors  cu fundul  in sus. Nu aveam  nici  o  idee  ce este  autismul,  cum  se trateaza si ce  pot eu face  sa imi  ajut  copilul sa creasca  sanatos  si fericit. M-am documentat  online, am incercat  sa merg  la diferiti  medici,dar, nimeni  nu imi oferea  o solutie  buna  pentru fiul  meu.Unicul  lor  raspuns  era  terapie si atat. Am intrat  in  contact  cu alte  mamici  care au  aceiasi  problema  si care  au incercat  diverse  protocoale  terapii, medicamente. Unele  mamici  au avut rezultate  dar  cum  fiecare  copil  este diferit  nu orice  medicament   sau  aliment  ii  va face  bine  si copilului  meu. Timpul  a trecut  si baiatul  meu  a implinit  frumoasa  virsta  de 5 ani  iar eu  nu am incetat  niciodata  sa  sper  ca se va intimpla  o minune, se va insanatosi,va vorbi, va avea  si el un regim  alimentar  mai bogat in alimente  sanatoase  pentru ca stim  bine  ca acesti copii  cu autism au o problema  mare  cu mincarea. Refuza  sa  manince,iar  eu ca mama  daca copilul  meu nu sa alimetat  la timp sau refuza  mincarea  devin  ingrijorata. Pe Maddie Ancuta  o cunosc  din  mediul  online  de cativa  ani buni  ii urmaream  cu drag  toate  postarile  si o simpatizam am facut  chiar  si cateva  comenzi   de la ea  sapunuri,creme, foarte  bune facute  toate  de ea insasi, dar,  niciodata  nu m-am  gandit  ca ea ar putea  fi salvarea  noastra  a mea si a fiului  meu. Ne-am salutat si i-am  vorbit  despre marea mea  problema  autismul. Din acel  moment  Maddie  ma intrebat  clar, de ce  am intirziat  atat  de mult si nu am apelat la ajutorul  ei??? Si ca inca  nu este nimic pierdut  dar  trebuie  sa actionam  rapid zis si facut  am programat  o întîlnire la mine  acasa  si i-am  facut  cunostinta  cu minunea  mea  de baiat. Iar din  acea zi Maddie,  cu multa  grija  si rabdare m-a ascultat si   a  dezvoltat  un plan  de nutritie   creat special  pentru nevoile  copilului meu,incluzînd mincare  sanatoasa, probiotice, vitamine  fructe si legume, ceea  ce pana  atunci  nu făceau  parte  din  alimentatia  fiului  meu  pentru ca nu am fost  învățata  de nimeni  pana  acum care  alimente  sunt bune pentru  copil  si care ii fac rau. Eu stiam  doar atat:  daca  copilul  maninca  atunci  si el  e fericit  si eu sunt  fericita. Total  gresit  pentru  ca el  minca  si maninca  doar 3-4 feluri mincare.  dar din  tot  ceea  ce minca  el  nimic  nu ii oferea un aport  bun  de vitamine  bune. Mereu  alegea  sa manince  paine  biscuiți, dulciuri, lactate...Si de la ele  devenea  hiper activ, agresiv..Si epuizat. Paine  maninca  si in prezent, dar rest  de cand am aplicat  si ascultat  cu atenție  sfaturile  lui  Maddie  copilul  a devenit  mai activ concentat.Intelege  mai bine, încearcă să socializeze,  sa vorbeasca si accepta sa guste  si alte alimente  care cu 2 luni  in  urma  nici  in ruptul  capului  nu dorea  să le vadă.
Tot  ce pot sa spun  este ca ii sunt  recunoscatoare  lui Maddie  pentru  toata  grija  si rabdarea  si sfaturile  care le-am  primit  de la ea. Este  o doamna  inteligenta, si calda  care ofera  atentie  maxima  oricarui  pacient.
O recomand  cu toata  increderea pe Maddie  Tapliga. Inconjurati-va  de oameni  buni  inteligenti  de la care  aveti  ce învața.   Pretuiti  acesti  oameni  care sunt  o binecuvintare  de la Dumnezeu..mulțumesc  Maddie ❤

Kristina Argint Londra

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  1. Buna ziua,
    Eu sunt Daniela Carp, locuiesc in Olanda si muncesc in Belgia, binenteles ca iubesc Romania.
    Calatoresc mult dintr-o curiozitate care ma indruma mereu, iar in locurile in care merg citesc de inainte totul, de la geografia locului pana la obiceiurile de infrumusetare.

    Povestesc putin despre mine pentru a va face sa intelegeti ca sunt mereu interesara de produsele pentru sanatatea noastra.
    Desi am avut oportunitatea de a cumpara de peste tot aceste produse, am ales ” bijuteriile” lui Madi pentru ca am simtit iubirea pusa in aceste produse, iubirea cu care sunt facute, iubirea cu care sunt daruite .
    Sunt tare multumita si mai ales bucuroasa sa folosesc produsele pentru par si piele, sapunul cu petale de trandafiri, ceaiul de dimineata si mai ales aloe cu vitamina C.
    Asociez aceste produse cu perioada primaverii si simt o schimbare placuta dupa folosirea lor.
    Si mai este o schimbare placuta, Madi este o doamna cu un suflet frumos cu o energie pozitiva care mereu te inspira ……….pentru ca stim ca mai intai tratam sufletul si apoi “casa lui”.
    Multumesc Madi !
    Felicitari pentru cine esti si ce faci !
    Dumnezeu sa te binecuvanteze !

  2. Madelena has been my nutritionist since February, and I feel extremely grateful to have met her. She is a kind, welcoming and has vast knowledge about her work.

    For many years I have suffered with medical issues. one of my biggest challenges I was having was with my feet and not being able to walk properly as I was always in constant pain.

    Doctors where only able to prescribe an assortment of medication which only masked the pain and led to more issues.

    From meeting Madelena, she was able to regularise my eating habits, advise me on what and when to eat and certain supplements and vitamins to take.

    At first it was very difficult to stop eating the foods I’ve enjoyed for most of my life, but once again, she was understanding of this and worked with me to cut them down and help me overcome this.

    Within a month I could feel the difference this was having on me. Movement was becoming more easier; my weight gain was reduced, and my overall well-being was improved. Although, I still take medication at present, it is dramatically decreased making the associated issues I was experiencing from the medication cease.

    I am so grateful to Madeleina as she has given me back hope.

    If you are thinking about using her services, I totally recommend he

  3. So after having an appointment with Maddie where she asked a lot of details of myself, she made a few products special for me and my specific needs. Advised me about my diet and my spiritual life.
    Yes, absolutely stunning Maddie!! She put so much love in every single cream or oil or anything that you will have from Her you will have the certainty that is 100% natural and to suit your needs!!!
    I can’t stress enough how important this is for our body and everyday when I use them I feel the energy of the plants and the love which I cover my body with them.

    Thank you Maddie and I am absolutely recommend you to all my friends.

  4. Hello and, a big THANK YOU to Maddie!
    Back in May, I have been in touch with Maddie, because I need help with losing weight. To be honest, I hesitate a little bit at the beginning, because I don’t trust anyone who is working in hospitals, GP etc. This is because all are pushing you to take tablets with side effects, making you worse than you are or have been. With recommendations received from this lovely lady, I have been able to change my eating style, my meals, my kitchen, my food, and to lose weight as well!
    Which no hospital or GP or any other person will be able to give you the right information and the right treatment!
    What I can say is: even if my body was a bit (more) lazy in digesting, Maddie made this happened!
    Her treatment style is based on natural plants and natural medication. With her natural tea plants suggestion, vitamins, and meal plan I am able today to lose weight, breathe normal, and act like a normal person. I am losing slowly in weight because I have no time for more exercising out, as my job is in front of a computer on a daily basis, but I continue losing doing no more effort and eating normal as with Maddie’s meals recommendation you can become easily vegetarian.
    So, with the ‘’eat and lose’’ weight motto, I am not using any kind of tablets, or medication, no surgery or other stupid ideas suggested by medical ‘’professionals’’ who practically don’t care about your health and are there to make you worse and take your money….
    If I am recommending? Yes, with a big YES, I am recommending you this lovely lady, if you are in the pre-stage of obesity, if you have any problem with the thyroid, or any kind of health problem you have, be in touch without any hesitation and ask if she can help you as well. I am 100% sure she will not let you down!

  5. I have approached Mady back in May to help me with my weight management.
    I know Mady for many years and I trust and like her holistic approach to treat various health conditions.
    Switching from a physical job to an office job had a big impact on my weight and the lockdown had even a bigger impact as I worked from home and I didn’t exercise much so the kilograms just piled up.
    I was told by my GP that I am a borderline diabetic and my blood pressure increased at a worrying level.
    Contacting Mady was the best decision I could ever take.
    I had an initial consultation where she asked me various questions about my eating habits and she asked me to keep a journal with everything I ate.
    I started with 3 days of detox, which were the hardest. To be honest I was thinking to give up because I felt so sick and unwell but she encourage me and explained me that my body was reacting like this because of all toxins accumulated during years.
    I am so glad I didn’t give up as I started to lose weight and felt great. I lost almost 3 stones (17 kg) since May and I am so happy. My blood pressure got to normal values again, I don’t feel tired anymore and I do not have the brain fog I used to have. And my weight loss journey continues.
    Mady was checking my progress all the time, she was very accessible and responsive to my requests and questions. With the excellent support provided by her, I was able to embrace a ‘’common sense’’ approach to weight loss that helped me finally make progress on my goals. Now I feel confident about the foods I am eating and my own ability to keep the weight I have lost off.
    I can say that working with Mady was and is a fantastic investment. I learned a lot from her, I know more than ever about nutrition and I found a whole bunch of new foods that I enjoy eating.
    I highly recommend Mady for anyone who wants to lose weight or just improve their health.

  6. I cannot find words to express how pleased I am with the face cream, soaps, the cosmetic products in general that Maddie is making it for me and my family. Love everything that she is doing. Great job. She is an artist in all the way she blends her views in actions for the wellbeing of our mind body spirit!

  7. Hi, my name is Vasile, I know Madie for few years, I am passionate about health life style as she is, I bought few great products from her in the past and they are amazing. I was back from Romania in Uk and after few days, I started to have a very bad flu, headache, flu, cough, sneezing, I contacted Madie and told about that, she gave me two great products, one product is not very taste, but with juice or lemon goes very well, after 2 days, I started to feel better and build my strength and have more energy, i mange to take no tablets at all in this time.

    Thank you for Help Miss. Madie


    • One of the products is DMSO. I ordered myself . Its is not tasty, and the skin smells like garlic, due to the level of body toxicity. Its life changing. I am a nurse. I work long hours, on my feet all day, providing care to very sick people. I feel great, despite of the long working hours

  8. Hi! My name is Simona, i bought some products from Maddie for me and my daughter.
    She dedicated her time and patience so as to get the right products for me.
    I would highly recommend you Maddie, you are very knowledgeble and your products are fantastic.

  9. Hi, everyone. I recover post covid. I ordered a kit of DMSO: pure DMSO and distillate water, which is incredibly amazing, Astaxanthin , elderberry tincture, and skin treatment The youth fountain , my skin is glowing. All the products are natural, smells heavenly

  10. Maddie and her products are amazing. Considering that I am pregnant and I get tired more often than usual she send me a complex of multivitamins that changed my life. I am so energised now. Also, the Astaxanthin she send is a miracle product for skin and for the whole organism. In addition to her natural and efficient products, she is such a helful person, willing to share information and give advices from her vast experience. I strongly recommend her services and her products!!

  11. I was getting a little concerned about my upcoming surgery but I was totally supported and assisted by Madelena Tapliga who went above and beyond to help me. Her kindness was exceptional and was only exceeded by her professional service. I literally can’t thank her enough.

  12. Hi, my name is Jennifer, I recently had my under-eye bag removal surgery (blepharoplasty) performed, it has now been 10 days since my surgery was performed, today I had my follow-up appointment with Madelena to have my sutures removed, and I can say that she was a great help and reassured me that my healing process is on track despite how it may appear and for that, I’m very grateful!

  13. Visited Madelena today and felt so comfortable and welcome! Madelena is so down to earth. She was such a massive help and really boosted my confidence for my journey ahead for healing! 🥰

  14. Madelena 10/10 🙂
    I was very nervous about my visit to the clinic to remove my stitches and splint after my surgery, but when I got here, Madelena calmed my nerves and talked me through everything. She was efficient, professional and very very kind.
    I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.

    Thank you!!!!

  15. I had to have a blood test and PCR test this month for my surgery. I was seen by the lovely Madelena. Getting blood out of me has never been easy. Madelena made it easy and a smooth process. She was very professional made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. She said ’trust me’ I did and she worked her magic.
    We laughed a lot which is the best medicine as far as I’m concerned. If I needed again blood test at anytime I’d definitely pick Madelena.

  16. Outstanding patient care
    I was examined post-op by Madelena Tapliga on two occasions, first to remove the stitches 5 days after surgery, then 11 days after surgery.
    The first time I saw her I was really upset and worried but Madalena was extremely professional and at the same time warm, approachable, patient and reassuring.
    She explained everything in detail and didn’ t rush the examination, although no appointment had been booked for me on that day, so she was seeing me between patients.
    She made sure I was ok and could drive safely before letting me go.

    She took a picture and sent it to the surgeon to ensure everything was ok.
    Finally, Madelena booked a second appointment for me to ensure that I was healing properly.

    I can’ t thank her enough for her kindness, warmth and professionalism.

    Her work is priceless. Even if people choose to have surgery, it can still be a stressful experience.

    I cant thank enough Madalena for your amazing work and dedication.

    Thank you,


  17. Hi Madelena,

    I wanted to send an email to thank you for your help today.

    Over the time I have been going through my surgery process, and as you know I have not had a great experience with The hospital this time around, I feel you have been the only one in the space of the 45 minutes today who has really reassured me and made me feel at ease.

    Thank you so much for understanding and taking the time to speak with me and understand my frustrations, you have made me feel so much better and given some confidence and guidance.

    You were so gentle with removing my cast and stiches and you gave me full trust in you.

    Thank you so much! And keep doing what you are doing 😊

    Claire Goodwin x

  18. I had a fantastic experience with Holistic Nutrition clinic. The whole process was easy and Madelena is super helpful and friendly.

  19. After my surgery (gynecomastia grade 3) I was all looked after by the lovely lady Madelena who cared for me, providing valuable nutritional information to speed up healing, took my stiches out and made sure if I needed any after support .

  20. Madelena at Holistic Nutrition is highly professional , unbelievably caring and friendly. I am feeling really fit and full of energy in the space of just ten days.
    Highly recommend her

  21. Madelena is great – not only skilled and knowledgeable in her profession, but also just a lovely person who put me at ease. I cannot thank enough for her support. She changed my life. Highly recommend her! <3

  22. Especially would like to say a huge thank you to Madelena who has led on my aftercare and has provided me with amazing support and guidance on my road to recovery. Would hugely recommend anyone considering putting their trust into Holistic Nutrition. She made me feel very comfortable.
    Personalised nutrition is tailored specifically for you, taking into account your health journey, your health goals and dietary preferences.
    She provided a nutrition plan and strategies that prevent, manage, and treat my disease and optimise my health. , I will definitely be recommending! 10/10

  23. Madelena has been nothing but kind, understanding, and supportive through my whole experience. I have definitely made the right choice in choosing Holistic Nutrition to start my non surgical weight loss journey. My weight loss journey changed my life.
    I hope more people will find out how personAlised nutrition can improve their life and health.
    Personalised nutrition is an amazing approach which aims to give individual’s unique nutrition advice based on your genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Personalisation of interventions helped me not only to change my bad food behaviour, helped me to understand the role of nutrition. Why do I eat? I have never asked this questions. I ate for multiple reasons, most of the time I eat to cope with my own unhappiness. I had a bad relationship with my food. My food was my worst enemy. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, because I left foods to hack my mind and tells me what to eat it. Having a personalised nutritional programme takes everything into account allowing any underlying causes and obstacles to be overcome and to finally getting the body you want. Believe in yourself, and trust in Madelena, she is absolutely amazing. I cannot thank enough for what she did for me. She saved my life. I can’t praise enough Madelena. God bless you! Tommy

  24. I was seen today by madelena in the clinic. I had to have pre op bloods taken, mrsa and echocardiogram. She was very kind and efficient. Madelena totally put me at ease. I’m having a breast reduction which I’m very nervous about, but hopefully I will continue to get the treatment and empathy I received today from Madelena. Thankyou

  25. Madelena has really looked after me…
    Madelena has really looked after me post surgery, she has shown genuine care and provided great advice and care whilst changing my dressings in clinic, she also provided extra phone calls to make sure I was ok the weeks I didn’t see her in person.

  26. I have had a very positive experience…

    In life there are people who stand out. Madelena deserves a special mention. Madelena is one of the nicest people I have met in this journey.
    She gave me post operative care. In that brief moment of meeting her, She made me feel comfortable talking to her. She was so gentle. She left me with a really positive feeling. This is why She stood out to me.

    Overall 10 out of 10.

  27. Madelena was fantastic she looked after me and told me step by step how my recovery was going. I am so glad I chose Holistic Nutrition, It is very rare you find someone with great compassion and care for their patients. I had a great experience. Thank you so much.

  28. I was seen today by Madelena Tapliga who removed my sutures after the surgery I had 8 days ago

    I am very happy with the way she treated me and her skills at what she does is remarkable

    Thank you Madelena 🙏

  29. I have struggled with my weight for years and finally plucked up the courage to see a dietitian – when I first met Maddie I was so nervous but she immediately put me at ease. Together we worked out why all my previous weight loss attempts had failed and worked out how this time was going to be different. Regular support and help followed and gradually I changed my overall lifestyle – step by step I made changes to my eating, food choices and activity levels and steadily and gradually the weight came off.

    I can’t thank Maddie enough for all her help. I still have a way to go with my weight loss but my progress so far has been amazing and for the first time ever I know I will reach my target Clare – London

  30. Received great care before and after my surgery from Madelena. Very professional, informative and kind – can’t thank her enough! She explained me why pre and post op nutrition is vital to recovery and heal without issues. I would like to share with you why nutrition is so important post surgery.
    The period of fasting deprives your body of the nutrients you will need during surgery. This is the first challenge that your body has to deal with. The surgery usually results in some blood loss and tissue trauma. That’s the second challenge. Immediately after the surgery, your body must put all efforts into the healing process.
    Boost wound healing . My surgical scar is healing very well, and I did not have any infection post surgery. Depending on the surgery itself, these wounds can be extensive. Getting key nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc will help promote wound-healing.
    There are many more reasons, therefore you can contact Madelena for support! can’t thank her enough! <3

  31. I am due my surgery in a few weeks time and feel completely confident and super relaxed regarding the surgery. Thank you Madelena , truly also so helpful, caring and the attention to detail in the pre op assessment was fantastic. Thank you, and see you all soon. X

  32. Been to have my stitches removed with Madalena at the clinic. Excellent skills, with a lovely manner and despite my stitches being quite difficult she made the process relatively painless. A very competent and calming professional a credit to your company. Thank you.

  33. My Experience with Holistic Nutrition pre and post op surgery
    Everything moved quickly and there were no issues along the way.

    Special mention to excellent service provided by Madelena for being very patient, careful and kind with me while I was feeling extremely squeamish at my post op check up

    I’m still recovering but so far am happy with the results of my surgery and would recommend Holistic Health to my friends/family etc

  34. In life there are people who stand out. Madelena deserves a special mention. Madelena is one of the nicest people I have met in this journey.

    She gave me post operative care. In that brief moment of meeting her, She made me feel comfortable talking to her. She was so gentle. She left me with a really positive feeling. This is why She stood out to me.

    Overall 10 out of 10.

  35. I have just had Rhinoplasty and I am currently on day 7 post op,
    I had the lovely Madelena who took out the 15 stitches!! She also spent the time to speak to me about the process and the aftercare and reassured any concerns I had.

    Thank you for your support and hard work, it really does make a difference to peoples live and made the nerve racking experience feel a breeze!

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