When stress and disease leave their extremely negative mark on one`s  body and psychical profile, this visibly happening in only one year`s time, one desperately searches for a valuable fitotherapist on the internet ,on various sites; this was ,indeed, my, case.

Due to the fact that the massive and mostly owerwhelming amount of information and products in this field, I was put in an extreme situation: I did not know what to choose, WHAT WAS GOOD in my case, how to proceed, so as to get well again.

I only knew that I wanted something good for my health. As simple as that.I needed a natural and safe medication and therapy., regarding my nutrition and generally ,my health.

I had the chance to find a special fytotherapist on the internet, in the person of Mrs. Madelena Tapliga, whose site and its well conceived and structured information and content fully reponded to my wishes and requests..I thorougly studied Madalena`s site and especially her products which corresponded to my personalized heath constelation.

Madelena`s prompt reaction to my questions in my case proved to be the right choice.We constantly got in touch, she dedicated her time and patience so as to get the needed information for my case.

She dedicated her time, competence and qualified knowledge so as to help me efficiently; not only has she conceived a personalized plan for me, but she offered various food receipes so as to strenghten my immune system. And this was my first issue to solve regarding my heath.

Last year in November , I got a severe cold, which gave opportunity to a detailed check, a C.T.;the result was desastruous for me. It was that a tumor which caused severe problems to my health and it seemed to be a rather “old” tumor. I had cancer.I was put into hospital and I underwent a complicated surgical operation on both sides of my throat.The extracted tumors had about 5 cm each.

A series of exhausting radiation sessions were also prescribed and led, in a period of about 6 weeks, intensively.

I was at the end of my strenght, power , hope.

Madelena supervised me , prescribed and prepared ointments and medicines, because my skin degenerated extremely during the radiation/rays process.

She constantly asked for a rigorous feed-back , also visual feedback, so as to supervise and control the evolution and advancement of my , meanwhile, improving heath, especially  the affected areas.

Madelena  also gave me advice and support in dealing with my stress, recommending and preparing  the proper personalized products for me: soaps, , salts, ointments; products that I used on the various regions of skin and body. She gave me , in my opinion ,a holistic treatment, from which I had significanr benefits, actually, more than I hoped for.

After several sessions with her and the constant exchange between us, I observed the improved state of the affected regions, and not only. If I were to evaluate in figures from 1 to 10, she brouht me from a stage of 1 to a stage of 9 to 10; and still going onwards to an optimum of result concerning my health.

Words are empty, words can only illustrate our collaboration; what actually Mrs. Madelena Tapliga did and still does so as to give me her support and assistance in my case is priceless.

I owe her my appreciation and high consideration for her competence, dedication and consciousness, her professional skills , attitude, patience and compassion which are genuine and , to my mind, the ones who have the chance to be in her hands cand count on a radical and hoped for healing.

I recommend Mrs. Tapliga  to other persons who are confronted with extreme health issues, knowing that she fully implies herself , achieving unhoped goals, giving hope and the premises for regaining the health which we all strive for.