Andreea R. 

So let me tell you a bit about myself…. I’m far from being the “perfect body “type of person…. But that’s OK… you know why?? Because I’m on my way to achieve the body that I always wanted to have. And I’m confident about it, because after 3 years of trying different teas, shakes, pills, even going to the gym like crazy with no results, I finally decided on March 2019 to contact this amazing person that have changed me, made me more confident and strong.

So the funny thing is that I had maddie on my friend list on facebook for a while, but I was so skeptical about this “nutritionist “ business because I could see on my news feeds everyday more and more ladies making adverts regarding slimming products, and I was just so sick of them, until one day when maddie posted something….  A picture with different body types, describing each one of them and the factors that influence how the fat is being stored and why we don’t lose the fat, no matter how hard we try While I was reading her post, I felt like she wrote about me.. I found myself in her post… and in that moment I decided to text her..

She replied to me  and that evening we had a long phone call, and you can not imagine the passion she was talking about what she is doing, and how much she knows about nutrition and wellbeing. I think this was on the 1st of March and we  decided to have my first consultation on the 17th of March. She told meanwhile to keep a journal where I write what I eat and drink everyday and the times, to weight myself and every morning to take my body temperature. She told me that after the consultation I will have to do a detox treatment for few days, so she recommended me to drink some natural teas everyday (sting nettle, Mary gold and dandelion tea).

After our phone conversation I ordered the loose leaf teas, I started my journal, and my first day when I weighted myself I was 92 kg and I’m 1.74. When I went to see her on the 17th of March I was so surprised to see that I was down to 89 kg in 2 weeks, just by adding the tea to my daily routine.

During the consultation she asked me about my medical history, any intolerances or allergies, she told me that with patience and will power, I will reach my goal.

She crafted a 3 days detox plan for me, with easy to make recipes (and soooooo yummy). Everyday she was checking up on me to see how I’m doing and to support me, after the 3 days detox she sent me one week plan to what I have to eat, drink and food recipes,and so on until I reached my 4th week of my new lifestyle,and I went for my follow up appointment. You can not imagine the feeling when I saw that I was down to 82 kilos and lost so many centimeters from my waist, tights and arms.

Oh, not to forget…. She is not only an amazing nutritionist, but also she is amazing in reflexology, tapping and lymphatic drainage massage. After every session, I feel more relaxed, more happy, confident and ready for my next challenge, as after  every 4 weeks, she makes me a different plan, so my body will not get used to only a certain regime.

Now, after 3 months since I met this amazing person, I can proudly say that from size 16 I’m down to a size 12 and I weight 78 kg . And all this without to starve myself, without to spend loads of money on tablets, teas or silly diets. Just a healthy, easy and happy lifestyle.

Thank you for helping me the person I am today beautiful soul!!!