Kay Beckles

Firstly I’d like to say Thank-you.

I had been suffering with really dry and cracked skin on the palms of my hands. I was referred to the Dermatology Clinic from my GP, I was given steroids and moisturising creams. I used these for a while but nothing happen the symptoms stayed the same and even became worse.

I spoke to Maddie and she explained the nutritional needs of our bodies, and gave me suggestions of vitamins and nutrition’s that I should start to take.

After showing her my hands she gave me an ointment to moistures with and a liquid solution to rub into my hands. I used these two together and within a few weeks of applying the medicine twice a day my hands are now back to normal.

I would highly recommend you Maddie, you are very knowledgeable and your products are fantastic.

Thank You

With Kind Regards,

Kay Beckles