Telomeres and ageing

Why do people age differently? Have you been asked this question? I am sure , you already noticed, some people look smart and energetic into old age, while other people, much younger are sick, exhausted and foggy? I am fascinated of this. I encountered in the hospital, so many young people marked by the disease …

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Benefits of Manual lymphatic drainage

Benefits of Manual lymphatic drainage(MLD) Manual lymphatic drainage can be use for many different conditions, and benefits healthy people as much as benefits people with serious illness. Toxins such as microorganisms, metabolic waste and chemical are removed from the tissue Proteins are removed from the tissue and returned to the blood circulation, preventing protein buildup in …

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Natural Therapies

Women’s health

Women’s health. Plant based medicine play an important role in the lives of  many women. This is because herbal remedies fulfil a woman’s desire to deal with her health problems in a more sensitive manner, with minimal side effects. When we get symptoms, our body’s usually trying to tell us that something wrong is happening …

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